How it works

  • Standalone application that connect to your flight simulator 
  • Flight events (location, height...) triggers voice and sound recordings 
  • Water landing mod enables ditching on the Hudson river with your favourite aircraft model 
  • Full screen presentation about actual flight (before and after flight)

What you get

  • Initial presentation to get you in 
  • Captain, first officer and ATC recordings based on official transcript
  • Aircraft ready for your takeoff

  • Accurate weather, fuel and time setting
  • Bird strike at the exact altitude as Cpt. Sully 
  • You can decide - fly back to airport or go for water landing
  • Water landing mod for your aircraft
    • 2 difficulties: quite easy and very realistic

  • Airport landing without engines and thrust reversers
  • Lecture about actual landing and rescue operation

  • Hint and tips to help you with your landing skills
  • You have complete control:
    • Start full experience - intro, flight, outro
    • Start flight - start directly at runway
    • Start landing - positioned for water landing on the Hudson, ideal for practice 
    • Hotkeys for easy control even if in fullscreen mode

  • Availiable settings:
    • Voices and sounds on/off
    • Full screen intro and outro on/off
    • Start minimzed


  • FSX
  • FSX Steam Edition
  • Prepar3D V1, V2, V3
  • All aircrafts (water landing mod)
  • All sceneries and terrains
  • All other addons (weather, traffic, textures...)


Download FREE demo

  • Watermark appears across the initial presentation
  • Experience ends just after the bird hit (no more recordings, no final presentation)
  • No water landing mod
  • Only button control (no hotkeys)

Installation instructions are attached in the download. Simply unzip the download and run the installer.

Home version for just 9.99$!

  • Full experince
  • No watermark
  • Hotkey control
  • Water landing mod for all aircraft


Proceed to Paypal for the payment. Then please follow the instructions to obtain your licence. Thank you!

Proffesional version - 399$

  • For commercial cockpit operators
  • For flight schools
  • Complete experince and control
  • Water landing mod for all aircraft
  • Support

Proceed to Paypal for the payment. Then please follow the instructions to obtain your licence. Thank you!


I am 27 year old flight simulator enthusiast. During my carreer I did several projects including software and hardware to enable people to experience the most of flying a big commercial jets. But then I saw the Sully movie and wanted to try it by myself. And there was nothing perfect out there to enable that. So I made it by myself and here it is.

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